Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some New Ideas

  I'm trying to come up with some fun new ideas for the blog that will help us all interact.   One thing I'm hoping to start is a page for photos and videos of all you bloggies testing out products I've reviewed on American Dog Shopper!   So if you have tried anything I've reviewed, whether you read about it on here first or not, please email me some cute pics to put on our soon to come "friends" page (including pet names and a small caption)!    I give you this photo of Cassie as inspiration!

Look out Mom!  Here I come!

   I'm also planning some more polls in the near future, so look for these too!

   If you have any ideas...don't be a shy...send them my way!  Till then, I'll keep thinking....


  1. Sounds great. I've got 2 of those toys in the picture!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Hey we're going to Blogpaws too, we'll have to meet up!

  3. Sounds great Oskar! I'd love to meet up at Blogpaws! It will be my first time, so I'm very excited to see what everyone has to say!

  4. I have that green ball to and that tug toy. hehe

  5. Cassie has a big red hol-ee roller too! They're her favorite things to chase...sometimes I put the small one inside the big one and she goes crazy trying to get it out! You have to be inventive with Aussies around...as I'm sure you well know!

  6. We actually just got the Rubits you recommended! They came today, and using them in the house we were able to remove most of the dog tags. It's kind of eerie though because normally our dogs are so loud, and now they've been sneaking up on us. We're going to write a full post soon.

  7. That's great! I know what you mean about the eerieness factor...but for me it has actually become a blessing! I became much calmer without the jingle jangle of tags (neither of our two wear them around the house anymore). It's so peaceful around here!

  8. New ideas are always a whole lot of fun, and I think your idea sounds great!
    I'll be sure to get my raiser to look through some of my pictures,