Ross-Mar Fiery Cassandra is a 2.5 yr old AKC Australian Shepherd.  She was purchased from a confirmation breeder: Ross-Mar Kennel.

 She has been my greatest teacher in dog training so far (though her brother Handel is gaining ground).  She and I have trained together in Agility, Treiball, Nose Work, Obedience and Tricks.  Now a days we are competeing in NADAC agility and have our first Nose Work ORT coming up in December!   She certainly has a mind of her own, but with the right motivation will do just about anything I ask of her!  Though she drives me crazy sometimes, she's truly the best dog I've ever known!

   She tests most of the products for American Dog Shopper, as she is young and active and a super chewer!  Nothing and no one gets past the front door without Miss Cassie's approval.