Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bacon Bubbles...Fun with Kids' Toys

   Though most of the time I blog about products specifically manufactured for the dog market, there are certain toys made for kids that are fun for dogs too.   Most of the props I've picked up for our tricks class have been kids toys and Cassie has never seemed to realize!   Another toy that I have used just about every sunny day is our bubble blower.  Most dogs love to chase things that move and floating, swishing bubbles are almost irresistible.  They're actually a lot of fun for owners, as well...I have trouble not laughing at the excitement a little dish soap can produce!

   You have several bubble options when you walk into the kids aisle at any local store (Walmart, Target, ToysRUs).  There are bubble machines that sit on the ground and blow a constant stream of bubbles, there are hand held bubble guns that shoot bubbles at your whim without much mess and there are the traditional old fashioned loop on a stick bubbles.  I use a bubble gun mainly out of convenience and the fact that they are still pretty cheap.   I paid only $3 at Walmart for the one I use, unfortunately mine seems to be out of manufacture now.

   If I were to pick up a new bubble gun it would be something like the Sizzlin' Cool Exstream Bubbles, available from ToysRUs for about $7 or the Toy Galaxy Bubble Blower Gun available on Amazon for a comparable price.  I like a bubble gun, because it allows you the freedom to direct the flow and direction of the bubbles, helping to ensure that your dog doesn't jump to high and that the game can instantly stop when you say.  The problem I've found with the stationary bubble machines is that the dog doesn't chase the bubbles, but instead will stand right in front of the blower trying to bite them as they come out (and that's not nearly as amusing as running wildly around for them).   Also, the gun will encourage you to stay out with the dog instead of leaving it alone with a tray full of bubble liquid in the bubble machine (that could cause a very upset tummy if lapped up all at once).

     The great thing for dog owners is that thanks to the geniuses at the Happy Dog Toys company you can purchase bubble liquid that is flavored for your dogs.   These bubble replacement packs come in Sizzlin' Bacon, BBQ Chicken and Peanut Butter flavors and are only $5 for a pack of two.  You can get hours of play out of each bottle.  Amazon suggests some "puppy" bubble guns and machines, but don't spend the extra money.  Just buy the cheapest bubble gun you can find and then keep one of the bottles it came with; you can clean that out and then fill it up with the flavored bubbles to use with your gun.

    Normally the dogs are a little less distracted and more focused on the bubbles (it was a windy day).  This game will keep your dog amused and moving on a sunny afternoon for as long as you can keep from dying of laughter...The only word of warning is that you will want to supervise children and dogs with the bubbles, because your dog will probably get very excited and a child could be mobbed as the bubble source (you can see what I mean at the end of the video)!  Always better safe than sorry!


  1. Rudy's always loved bubbles, I've even thought about buying one of those...

    Rudy's Raiser

  2. I bet Riley would have a blast chasing bubbles!

    Elyse and Riley

  3. Jess, I bought one of these and Penny was totally uninterested. I'm sure it's good for some dogs, but not for mine.

  4. can see from the video that Jinx doesn't seem very interested either...I'm not sure he really knew what to make of the bubbles...Did you try the flavored ones, parlance? I'm just wondering if that would make a difference? Still sorry Penny doesn't enjoy the bubble game...I assure you when it gets going it's probably just as much fun for me as it is for Cass!

  5. Yes, it was bacon flavored, if I remember correctly. But I still think it's a good idea. Just not for Penny.