Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cassie's 1st Birthday!

     Today is Cassie's 1st birthday, so in recognition of how much she's grown I've added a few pics below.
    For the occasion we went to Petsmart so that she could pick out a present!  After ten minutes of trying out everything from squeaker balls, Jolly Balls, rope toys and a few plush items she kept coming back to one choice: the Mighty Dog Toys Pink Pig.  I also picked out something I thought she would benefit from the Tuffy Ultimate Tug-o-War.  In the mail (and hopefully arriving soon thanks to the weather) is a new agility tunnel, but she doesn't know that yet so please don't tell her.

  1. The Mighty Dog Toys Piglet:
      What can I say she picked out something that she clearly loved.   When I told her it was ok she picked it up, carried it to the front of the store, handed it to the gentleman at the counter and waited patiently until we got back in the car where I handed it over.   She hasn't put it down since.
     The pig ranks an 8 on the Dura-scale provided by, which they state means it’s "Long lasting and really durable."  It seems to be true (so far).  It's constructed of several layers of dense fleece and has no edges to encourage chewing and she really likes just carrying it around and chasing it across the floor.  By the time we got home the tail was gone, but that I expected.  Time will tell whether it is a long lasting favorite.  PS:  It also makes a good pillow!

  2.  The Tuffy Ultimate Tug-o-War:
        Can't comment on this too much yet, she is still too fixated on the pig.  I picked it up mainly to encourage backward tugging that might strengthen her thigh muscles (her trainers think she is weak in the inner thighs).  So we'll see how it goes.

Just a note that I've signed up to be a product tester for  Every other month I will now be purchasing one of their toys and telling you (and them) about it.  The incentive is that it comes with a 45% discount on their toys, but you have to agree to buy one ever other month (you can increase or decrease the frequency, but the discount also shifts).  In this age of transparency I thought I would let you know!  You can join too, it's not like it's an exclusive club.  You just have to agree to follow the plan (it really is a good discount on a wide variety of toys!)  Happy shopping! And Happy Birthday to My Not-so-little Puppy!


  1. Happy birthday, Cassie!! Let us know how the Tuffy toy holds up...I was thinking about getting one for Riley. That pig is too cute!

    Elyse and Riley

  2. Cassie says thank you! I'll keep you updated about the Tuffy Tug!

  3. Have a furry happy birthday, Cassie!
    The toy is soo cute, glad she enjoys it :)

    Rudy's Raiser

  4. We have the pig toy and it's our dog's favorite toy. He tends to be rough with toys, but lately we've been teaching him to be gentle. And happy birthday to Cassie.

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes!! Cassie is still having a love affair with the piglet! The snout is taking a beating, but standing up amazingly well to the abuse. There seems to be something about it that can't be explained, but Cassie just doesn't want to put it down. It's sort of funny...We've named her Petunia (the pig that is).

  6. Happy, happy birthday - a little late but maybe the party is still jumping..? We don't have a pig toy but I'm almost positive it would be a big hit.

  7. Great review!

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    If you would be interested, please e-mail us at PBU at comcast dot net.

    Oskar & Pam