Friday, January 28, 2011

Times I've Been Led Astray

   Though by-and-large I actually do like most of the products I end up bringing (or having delivered) home, there are always those few items that go even more quickly than they came.  Here are two examples that I've either thrown away or returned in the last few months:

  1. The Inflatable Collar
          Around Thanksgiving time Cassie had some pretty extensive surgery along with a general spay.  This left her looking like a Franken-puppy and because of her history as a fixated licker, she was forced to wear a pretty uncomfortable cone to bed for about two weeks.  The basic plastic cone that the vet sent us home with was a bit awkward to get on and a little uncomfortable for Cass, but seemed to do the job.  That is until one morning when I came down to find that she had somehow gotten it off and spent a good portion of the night chewing on it.
          In desperation, I headed to our local Petsmart where instead of getting another cone I picked up an inflatable collar that claimed to do the same job with less stress on the dog.  It wasn't cheap (around $30) and more annoying was the fact that it took ages (and all of my cheek strength) to get the darned thing blown up.  Cassie adjusted to the inflated collar fairly quickly, but she always seems to be ok with wearing most things (the cone did take a little while).   Unfortunately, she adjusted to the new collar a little too well as she immediately lay down on the rug and started licking her stitches.  So, after almost 20 min spent blowing the thing up, it didn't work at all.  I put it back in the box, got back in the car and handed it back to the same woman I had purchased it from a few hours before.  When I explained why I was returning it she said: "Oh, this is the 2nd one that's been returned today.  That person said the same thing."
    The message I took away was this: These inflatable collars must work for some dogs, but clearly dogs with longer snouts (most shepherds and hounds) will be able to reach right past them.  Stick with tradition in this case and deal with fitting the cone.  Oh! And Petsmart are very good at taking returns without giving any grief.

  2. Bottle Buddies
      Bottle Buddies are basically just a soft shell on the outside of a plastic bottle, so your dog can enjoy the bottle without threat of injury.  I bought this one from Clean Run on the recommendation of one of my trainers who said her Frenchies loved it.  Cassie and I had a go in Tricks class with the trainer's Buddies one night and she did indeed seem to find the crunching and crinkling sounds a joy and continued tugging away all through class.
      I purchased one from Clean Run the next day (though I bought a fox shape that doesn't seem to be available anymore).  I knew Cassie already like foxes, because she loves the plush stuffingless Crazy Critters foxes you can get a Petsmart, Petco, Target, etc.  I was right, she really liked the Bottle Buddies!  So much so that it was in pieces within ten minutes, after which the bottle that came inside was out and being chewed as well.
     Granted, my dog is a super chewer and has a history of being tough on plush things (beds, blankets, socks, soft toys), but the company claims it is supposed to be able to stand up to chewing due to it's "durable ballistic nylon" lining.  All and all, I paid $7 + shipping for Cassie for it to go in the trash within minutes.  Not a toy for dogs that chew.  Boo hoo.

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  1. I suggest putting an old white mens tee shirt on your dog vs. the "lamp shade", it is very effective in preventing our Lab from licking his stitches. Maybe try onesies for a much smaller dog?