Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Rubit (You'll Probably Want This)

 The Rubit
   I was introduced to the Rubit by Modern Dog magazine a few weeks before Christmas and low-and-behold it ended up in my stocking come Christmas Day!   Cassie has several harnesses and collars that I switch out depending on the day's activity.  It was a real pain having to switch out her dog tags each time or simply make her wear multiple collars because I was too lazy to do so.  Now, I just put all of the tags on this carabiner style clip and pop it onto whichever collar or harness she has on.  The only draw back I've found is that they do jingle-jangle a bit more than normal, but this hardly outweighs the convenience and safety.

    I can put her id, rabies, dog tax and her microchip tags on any collar in a second, which makes me feel safer taking her out.   I have the large round Rubit, which cost only $8 and was worth every penny.  They can be purchased directly from the Rubit source site or on Amazon.   The Rubit site has a bigger selection than Amazon.  It's a must for any busy pet owner.


  1. I'm heading over to check this out; I've never heard of it before!

    Rudy's Raiser

  2. Ruby, I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's a little piece of magic in our house! Let me know what you think!

  3. Sorry, My "d" and "b" got mixed up! Sorry for calling you Ruby, Rudy!

  4. We are looking into ordering these, do you recommend the medium or the large for our two dogs? Do you think the large is too big?


  5. Hi Pitties in the City, I think the large would be good for your two! Cassie is on the large round (which I think is the only size the round comes in now) and she seems to do just fine. The tags will hang a little lower than normal and so will make for more jangling than usual, but this will happen with any of them. With the size of the D rings on your collars I think the large is the way to go! The only other thing I will say is that you probably don't want to leave the Rubit on at night or unsupervised, because it hangs to such a degree that it is easier to get the tags caught on/in things. Though this has never happened to us!

  6. I bought two of these at my local independent companion store and have used them on my puppy's collar ever since. I love* these things. So, so convenient... considering I buy her way too many adorable collars!