Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome to American Dog Shopper

Lilly & Cassie
    I'm here to answer your questions about the latest and greatest (and the worst) dog products on the market today.  I'll tell you what I've bought, how it performed and give you tips on the best ways to play with your canine companion.  I'm no expert dog trainer, my dogs don't hold a million titles and I would never call myself anything more than an enthusiastic owner of two the sweetest and orneriest dogs in the USA.
     This blog came about mainly from my own desire to share my thoughts and feelings about dog products and the treatment they received from my less than gentle Australian Shepherd puppy Cassie, her older sister Lilly and my mother's little boy Tobey.  I won't often write about dog food (there are some really great sites for that already) though I will discuss certain treats and chews on the market.   I will also try to avoid links to obscure products that I don't think the average dog owner will enjoy.  Most of the items I'll bring before you can be purchased at your garden variety mega-mall pet stores (Petco, Petsmart etc) or online from Amazon.  When I do direct you to something outside of the general market it will only be because it was wonderful and I think your best friend will really enjoy it.  
      Whether you own a 100 lb ball of energy or a 5 lb snoozer (or any combination in between) you'll find  info here on the best and worst of what is available to dog owners on the market today, as seen through the eyes of my own furry friends.  Feel free to send me questions about products that I don't have up and I will let the trouble makers try them out and let you know what to expect before you shell out anymore cold hard cash on a toy or harness or bed that isn't fun, doesn't work or is way too easy to destroy/hard to clean.

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